• Press Brakes

    Press Brakes

    Max. pressure: 1000 tons

  • Bending cylinder

    Bending cylinder

    Roll lengths: 2000 mm to 4000 mm

  • Roller leveling machine

    Roller leveling machine

    Hydraulic press machine for thin metal sheet.


Pressure machines with CNC remote control

  • Bending cylinder

    Bending cylinder machines with CNC pressure remote control Roll: 2000 to  4000 mm. Bending diameters: Max. 90 mm, depending on the thickness and the length of the pieces to make.

  • Leveling machines

    Roller leveling machine for thin metal sheet. Hydraulic press Leveling of thick oxy-cut work pieces Max. pressure:  700 tons Useful width: 2500 mm

  • Press brakes

    Press brakes with axis controlled by CNC. Machines length: 3000 / 4000 / 6000 y 12000 mm. Max. pressure: 1000 tons


Welding equipment to tack the bended pieces

Tilting machines to remove the burrs