We have 14,000 m2 of which 10,000 m2 are Workshops and Warehouses divided into seven warehouses equipped with several Crane Bridges each of them.

14.000 m2
10.000 m2
Workshops and Warehouses

Destination sectors of our products

  1. Industrial Machinery
  2. Heavy machinery
  3. Agricultural machinery
  4. Automotive
  5. Transportation equipment
  6. Boilermakers
  7. Metal industry in general

Human Resources

Comorsa offers its clients the experience of a management, commercial and technical team as well as personnel in workshops highly specialized in the handling, cutting and forming of sheet metal.



Technical Office equipped with several CAD positions, from which all the information is programmed and sent to the CNCs of the different machines that we have.


Optimization of processes

Our computer system allows an optimization of the processes and coupling of the different pieces requested by our clients. Starting from the generation of an Order, we can monitor the entire process, from the supply of the sheet to the final finish of the piece and its subsequent storage to be delivered.

Comorsa is a company founded in 1964, which has been developing its activity in the cutting and forming of sheet metal, following an upward trend and continuous improvement of our facilities and means of production.