• Laser cut

    Laser cut

    Max. laser cut 6000 x 2000 mm

  • Plasma cutting

    Plasma cutting

    High-definition plasma cutting machines

  • Oxycutting - Cut by flame

    Oxycutting - Cut by flame

    Cutting max thickness 250 / 300 mm

High Definition Plasma and Laser Cutting

Laser and High-Definition Plasma cutting allows us to offer a high quality and precision service.

  • Plasma cutting

    HIGH-DEFINITION PLASMA  Dimensions 26.000 x 3.000 mm. Precision and perpendicular cutting. Thickness up  35 / 40 mm. Minimal thermal changes in contours. Burrs-free contours. As a last novelty, we have equipped our Plasma machines with a new technology to make holes with a diameter equal to the metal sheet thickness.

  • Laser cutting

    Equipment: TRUMPF machines Dimension of the worktables (with an automatic cycle): 4000 x 2000 6000 x 2000 Max. cutting thickness: Carbon steel: 20 mm. Stainless steel: 12 mm. Aluminium: 8 mm

  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting

    CNC controlled oxy-cutting machines with bridge Dimensions: 30000 x 6000 mm. for thick sheet metal cutting. Sheet metal thickness depending on the stock up to 250 / 300 mm.

The entire process is conducted in an integrated CAD system environment