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Technical Office equipped with modern CAD workstations that programs and sends all information towards the CNC of the various machines at our disposal.

Processes optimization

Our computer system allows us to optimize the processes, and the coupling of the different pieces requested by our customers. From the creation of a purchase order, we can ensure the monitoring of all the processes, from the supply of the metal sheet to the finished workpiece and its subsequent storage before the delivery.


ISO quality

Since 2002 we have a Quality Management System validated and certified by Lloyd’s Register and conform to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Comorsa is a company established in 1964 that develops its activity in the field of sheet metal cutting and shaping. We are in line with a dynamic of continual improvement of our facilities and production means.


We have a total of 14000 m2 of production area, of which 10000 m2 are workshops and warehouses divided into seven industrial warehouse equipped with several travelling cranes.

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Workshops and warehouses

Sectors to which our products are destined

  • Industrial  machinery
  • Heavy machinery 
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Automotion
  • Transportation material
  • Boiler making
  • Metal industry in general

Human resources

Comorsa offers its customers the experience of a management, sales and technical team. Moreover, the workshops personnel is highly qualified and specialized in handling, cutting and shaping the metal sheet.